This website is dedicated to all those who served in the RCAF on Northern Vancouver Island, the Central Coast, and on Haida Gwaii.  Starting in 2000, 101 Squadron has been erecting memorials at crash sites, RCAF stations, and Radar Units. There is a lot of information within these pages. Please feel free to look inside….

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  1. Beverley Scott says:

    My dad, Ivor Eugene Scott, served on Spider Island in WWII. During that time he met my Mom who taught high school in Ocean Falls. They married as soon as the war was over in 1945 and I was born in 1946.

    My parents have died and I am now wishing I had asked him more questions about his military life and service. He was a wireless operator.

    Can you provide me with any info or photos of the Spider Island base?

  2. William88 says:

    Hi, do you allow guest posting on ? :) Let me know on my email

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