Introduction to the website: This website is dedicated to all those who served in the RCAF on Northern Vancouver Island, the Central Coast, and on Haida Gwaii.  Starting in 2000, 101 Squadron has erected memorials at thirteen crash sites, eight RCAF stations, and six Radar Units. There is a lot of information within these pages. Please feel free to look inside.

About 101 NI Squadron…

Our Motto

“On Se Souvient”
(“We will remember them”)

 Our Mission Statement

  • To preserve the military aviation history of the North Island, Central Coast and Haida Gwaii.
  • To erect cairns commemorating: “RCAF Flying Stations”, “Radar Stations”, and “Aviation Fatalities” in this area.
  • To support local Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadrons and Junior Rangers.


101 Squadron wishes to acknowledge the many people and organizations that contributed to our knowledge and enabled us to write the stories about the crashes that occurred in our area and the stations that supported these aircraft. It has been seventy plus years since most of the station activities and intense military flying took place in our sector. Memories have faded and many documents have been discarded or lost. There was no single source that we could find that provided the complete information for any individual crash or station. Archives Canada was a good source of official documents but due to budget cuts they had difficulty responding to requests in a timely manner. The Legion, and Airforce magazine provided some very comprehensive articles, as did the Pine Tree Line website. However, Chris Weicht must be singled out as the most important contributor. Without his knowledge and books, it would have been virtually impossible to complete our work. 101 Squadron owes him a debt of gratitude.

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