101 SquaGeocaching Logodron invites you to visit the memorials we have erected over the past fifteen years honouring aircrew who perished in military air crashes around the North Island, as well as the wartime RCAF Bases where the military worked. Here and in various places around our website you will find the geo coordinates that will enable you to locate each historic site. Some are easy to reach while others are very difficult. The events that occurred at each location are recorded on laser etched stainless steel or colour printed metal plaques which are reproduced here on our website. At some of the locations wreckage remains and we would like to point out that these are Heritage Sites protected under Provincial law and are not to be disturbed. Please, no souvenir hunting.

Please note that there are no logbooks or forms to fill in at these memorial sites, and there are no hidden prizes. If you do visit a memorial site you will be able to pay your respects to those who died in the service of Canada, and we encourage you to send us a selfie which includes the memorial, with the date and time and the lat and long to and we’ll post it on the website.

Happy geocaching!


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